257 Copiable Maths Worksheets

257 copiable, modifiable Maths worksheets

186 numbered Maths revision sheets covering a wide range of topics, 60 starter sheets, 10 specific topic sheets and 72 “feedback” sheets. Created by an experienced Maths teacher and used very successfully in the classroom. Supplied as Word documents on a 2GB USB stick (584 files altogether including answer sheets). These sheets can be freely copied within a single institution and can also be modified. Suitable for KS3 and KS4 and a wide range of abilities. Numbered revision sheets very useful as homeworks. Feedback sheets provide students with worked solutions to some (not all) of the questions on a sheet. Very often the next numbered sheet then has the same questions but using different numbers. Requiring students to use the feedback sheet and obtain a higher mark for the second homework has proved to be particularly effective.

Sold on eBay. Current price is £24.99, including postage. Type 162524170536 (item number) into the eBay search box.

Sample sheets shown below:

Copiable, modifiable Maths worksheets